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Laura Lomax


My husband Phil and I are big fans of yours, and long-time season subscribers to Triad Stage. So sorry to hear about your stroke, and very thankful that it did not do more damage to you than it did! Take good care of yourself-- you are precious to all of Greensboro.

Laura Lomax

Claire King

Doesn't this mean you have to stop table dancing?

Did you get a chance to see UNC-G's Orpheus Descending? I love Tennessee Williams.

Usher, Claire


I'm glad to know you've recovered, Preston, and it sounds like the changes in diet, routine, etc., are really working for you. Walking is an amazing activity. I do a lot of it with my dog. We move pretty slowly: he's a pug/beagle and, thus, is required to sniff nearly every blade of grass along the route! It's still exercise, though, and a kind of meditation--for me, anyway.

BTW, if you're ever up for a yoga class, let me know. You'd be welcome in any of my classes, or, if you'd like to start with a Level 1 or Gentle class, I'd be glad to recommend some teachers.

I'm glad THE SUNSET LIMITED was on the season. I really enjoyed the play and the production. Probably my favorite of this year's season!

I'll look forward to hearing more about all these plays you've seen recently. I'm a fan of Suzan-Lori Parks' work, too; looking forward to THE AMERICA PLAY and very happy it's getting done locally.

Peace, blessings, and all good things, Steve

Junious Leak

Happy to hear you are well and prospering. I know how the stresses of everyday life can be, and I had my fair share lately, so I had to reivent myself and let go...and let God.


Rick St. Peter


I am glad to hear you are on the road to recovery and that good things are happening at Triad Stage. I fully understand the job pressure you are under, when I was still running AGL in Lexington, I went to the ER after weeks of an excruciating headache I could not shake only to find out my bp was 210/140...combination of diet, genetics, and stress of the job nearly killed me. It is easy to take for granted things like this happen to other people, never to us....I am glad you are being given a second chance...Keep walking and keep producing great theatre!

Warmest regards
Rick St. Peter

Ed Pilkington

Well said, o Bermanesque one. Saw Dad this morning at Lowes. He looked good. Gkad you are making adjustments. They are truly good things that make life taste, feel, smell and absorb better.

"May the good Lord take a likin' to ya." Tennessee Ernie Ford

Deb Hosey White


We wish you well - you are a VIP in GSO's cultural world.

When my husband and I moved here three years ago from the Washington DC suburbs, one of the first checks we wrote (after the settlement check) was to Triad Stage for a season pass. We continue to be season pass subscribers, and usually walk to the shows. We too are Walkers - we long distance walk in Europe, and chose our home in GSO for its proximity to downtown and all that it offers us without getting in the car. Eat well, live in moderation, exercise daily, breathe clean air, create for the good, love and be loved.

We're looking forward to your involvement in much more fine entertainment in the months and years ahead.


Deb Hosey White

Peggy Hickle

Wake up calls are a remarkable gift, and you seem to have truly woken up to the wisdoms of a new day -- the wisdom to create a new life for yourself and the wisdom to recognize just how lucky you were.

As I'm sure you are aware, most stroke survivors are left with significant deficits -- and many are literally left speechless. My mother is one such -- although she, too, was comparatively lucky and can speak more than many. Thanks for sharing your story -- you have a powerful voice in your community. I hope you will continue to use it for those who no longer can.

Keaton Brower

I second Claire's comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Orpheus Descending as a play and as UNCG's production, as well.

I'm glad to hear you're recovering, Preston. You've really made an impact on me as a young artist, and I look forward to seeing great theatre at Triad Stage for years to come.

Keaton Brower

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